Innovation and Buildings. Why hasn't it happened much?

Take a look at the Automotive sector. Cars have improved vastly since the 1960's and are continuing to do so. Relentlessly. Better fuel economy, more performance, lighter, better crash performance, navigations systems, anti-lock brakes etc. And Cars aren't even the main culprits for Co2 emmissions. Buildings are. So why haven't buildings evolved to the same extent cars have. Isn't it time they did?

Man kind will face some stark challenges in the next 100 years, climate change, economic stagnation *, and over population. Such issues need thoughtful solutions to start germinating now. Social development doesn't move as fast as technical development. Is housing more of a social phenomena, or more of a technical one?

Why have cars developed sucessfully, and buildings haven't? The way society thinks about housing, as well as other building spaces, must start to change. Technical prowess is needed in the construction sector as a matter of urgency. Lets draw an analogy with cars. Cars have steadily offered better value, become more fuel efficient, become safer and easier to make and repair. Shouldn't buildings be the same? Maybe C02 emmissions need to be taxed heavily (like petrol and diesel fuel for cars) to provoke the same level of demands in efficiency that has driven the Automotive sector to produce cars with substantially better fuel consumption year on year. Legislation on emissions (again like cars) from buildings might also lead to a rise in council tax.

Tax increases and costs are one thing, but encouragements must exist along side them to promote good practice. Companies involved in the design and construction of buildings should strive (and be encouraged to strive via legislation and c02 taxes) for significantly better products than those offered since the 1960's

It will be down to the individual to think about the points raised on this group of websites, and to do the right thing by voting accordingly. For you and me, particularly for the world's poor, but above all for the future of our children and their planet, please adopt the ideas and principles of this website. We have an amazing planet; lets keep it that way, and look after it. * Once the undeveloped markets of the world become mature, such as rural India, and rural China, the global demand for goods will reduce significantly. Demand will come only when existing items fail through old age, wear, and tear. Global economic demand for products will soon dwindle leading to economic stagnation.


Loans to improve energy efficiency of buildings are becoming available in a manner that doesn’t cost the homeowner. Houses can be improved with nothing to pay except a lower monthly energy bill. Here’s how it works:- When the work is complete, the homeowner pays a lower energy bill. However, the bill is adequately high to cover the cost of the energy used as well as a re-payment of the improvement loan. It's called 'Green Deal Finance' (Full details...)

Ecologically sustainable solutions for a better life; choose a solution:-

 1./ Details how to make current homes significantly more ecologically sustainable

 2./ Details how to build an ecologically sustainable house or extension

 3./ Details how to build ecologically sustainable small housing developments

 4./ Details how to build ecologically sustainable large communities - Ecotowns

 5./ A new industry for the ecological sustainability of society - Waste conversion

 6./ Ecological solutions for industry - Wind farms and other Renewables

 Click here for a list of eco products not yet invented, but required soon.

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We, the human race, are confronting a planetary emergency - a threat to the survival of our civilisation that is gathering ominous and destructive potential... The Earth has a fever, and the fever is rising. ...We are what is wrong, and we must make it right."
(Al Gore - 2007.)

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